Generations working together using our God given Gifts

The Snyder Kentucky Team of 2024 started as a group of church members who were familiar only with each other's faces. However, by the trip's conclusion, we had transformed into a tight-knit family. Together, we shared countless moments of laughter, heartfelt prayers, tears shed both in joy and sorrow, meals that nourished our bodies and spirits, and the stories that make up our lives. Each evening, our devotionals brought us closer, deepening our bonds and strengthening our faith. What began as a gathering of acquaintances became a fellowship of brothers and sisters united in purpose and love.
In one of the most impoverished counties in the USA, our team dedicated ourselves to supporting a mission organization that hosts diverse church teams year-round. Our mission? To initiate renovation projects on two houses designated to accommodate teams traveling to aid the local needy.

Our team was a patchwork of various professions and skills, none of which were coordinated beforehand. Yet, our shared zeal to make a difference was palpable. We worked both collaboratively and independently, improvising as challenges arose, always ready to lend a hand with a smile. Our tasks ranged from painting and removing wallpaper to tearing out old carpets, installing new flooring, cleaning gutters, pressure washing exteriors, and refreshing light fixtures.

During an evening devotional, I discovered I wasn't alone in my initial apprehensions about the trip. Doubts about my endurance and abilities to maintain constant company for seven days crept in, compounded by the responsibility of being a guest writer for "Pastor's Perspective." Throughout the trip, my conversations with God and Jesus were earnest, seeking clarity on Their lessons for me. What unfolded was a profound realization: I found myself surrounded by individuals enriching my understanding of the Bible, fostering a secure environment for spiritual growth, and forging meaningful relationships with fellow believers. What began as uncertainty was transformed by a leap of faith into an experience that bestowed upon me far more blessings than I ever anticipated.

The Kentucky Team of 2024 was truly blessed with a diverse group spanning three generations, from 78 years old to 10 years old. Each member brought unique God-given gifts that complemented one another perfectly, aligning with the mission's purpose. Together, we embarked on the journey of transforming houses into homes, continuing God's work in Corbin, Kentucky. - Donna

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Billie Atkins - July 9th, 2024 at 2:32pm

We are lucky to have dedicated Christians like you and the others that are willing to donate their time and talent. Thank you for your devotion