A Pastor's Perspective 02-27-2024

  In 1995, this Church decided to become more than a strong financial giving church to missions.  They decided to get the people to move out into the community and show others the love of Christ.  Operation Inasmuch transformed this church into not only a mission giving church, but we became the hands and feet of Christ in doing missions in our community.  We are fast approaching the 30th anniversary of Operation Inasmuch and it has not only made a difference in our church, but also in our community.  Our children and teenagers have grown up in this church knowing that to make a difference, you have to get out into the community, around the state and around the world to make an impact.  Snyder has done that.  But it's not the time to rejoice in our accomplishments.  It's time to continue to Display the love of Christ right here in Fayetteville.  
   You will have that opportunity on March 16!  It's a day called Operation Inasmuch Blitz Day where we find as many projects for our Church family to move outside the walls of this church and make a difference.  Our Missions Committee works hard at choosing the right projects to impact our community.  This year we have changed the location for our children's Easter egg hunt.  We have been at Windsor Terrace for the last 10 years or so because it was a community where the children attend Margaret Willis School, who we partner with.  We have not seen as many children there the last few times, so we have moved it to the Mt. Sinai Apartment homes off of Murchison Rd.  These children also go to Margaret Willis School and we could have 10 times as many children.  We also decided to do a cookout at the end so we can meet the families, since we plan on continuing our ministry there.   You are needed!
  We always say, Find Your Place and Do Your Part.  This is a good way to start.  Choose a project to begin your ministry here and stay with it if it's a good fit for you.  Sign up will be open through March 6.   You can sign up here at the Church in the Cammack Lobby and Gathering Hall, or you can sign up online by going to our website, www.snydermbc.com.  When I was interviewing with David Crocker in the beginning stages before I joined this staff, David asked me, "What is the best way to disciple teenagers?"  I told him, missions is the best way...when we are out doing the gospel, it makes it real!  Come join us March 6!  It can truly be life changing!
   Let's Serve Together!




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