A Pastor's Perspective 01-23-2024

This Sunday we ordain 3 new deacons, and they will join 14 others beginning a three year term in our body of deacons. These men and women are lead partners in the Good News of Jesus.
Often, at the end of one of our worship services, I invite people to join our church by saying something like, "If you would like to partner with us in the Good News of Jesus, now is the time to do so." This word comes from Philippians 1:5. It is a powerful biblical word that sets membership in the local church apart from membership elsewhere, because while membership in a local church is a privilege, it comes with responsibility for the Good News.
Whenever you see someone engage in membership more meaningful than themselves, you see four actions of partnership: Connecting, Giving, Serving and Inviting. People take these actions because of a shared passion and a shared responsibility.
Let us take a closer look at these actions of partnership that all Snyder members engage in doing.
Connecting: This is more than showing up on Sunday, this is connecting with people in the gathering. For Snyder this means Sunday School and Small Groups are priority. Things do not move forward merely sitting in rows; we have to get in circles and get to know the word of God and get to know each other.
Giving: For people involved in something greater than themselves, providing resources for that movement is natural. Those who follow Jesus engage in giving for various reasons. We give as an act of worship, as an act of eternal investment, as an act of support for the purpose of the church and as an act of discipleship warding off the greed of the day.
Serving: People in a movement work to make it happen. They are willing to do whatever they are called upon to do, with whatever gifting they have. You will see all walks of life pulling together to create something no one could create by themselves. I suppose that is why Jesus left us to be His "body". What is created each week here at Snyder no single person could do, it is the expression of the followers Jesus engaged in something larger than ourselves.
Inviting: Whenever a person becomes a member of something adding meaning to their lives, they tell others about it and invite others to experience it. If Jesus was anything, He was inviting. His personality and His words invited people to join Him. Those partnering in meaningful membership in a local church create an inviting environment on their campus and invite others to that local church.
The women and men of our deacon body have not been chosen to become leaders. They have been selected because they are leaders. They are among us as people who set the example in their connecting, giving, serving and inviting. Pray for them as they help us focus on our purpose of Leading people to Discover God, Develop Faith and Display Christ-like Love in our attitudes and actions.
Looking forward, Blake