A Great Day at MOHI High Schools by Jackson Van Wormer

A Great Day at MOHI High Schools

Jackson Van Wormer

Today is Friday, June 14, and it was a really great day.  

We woke up earlier to eat and go to Joska for praise and worship. When we arrived, we sat and waited for a little bit for the prep of praise and worship, but it was fine. Once everything was ready, we were taken to the gym/multi-purpose space for worship. Between the singing and the dancing, the experience was amazing. I haven’t felt more welcomed to worship than this in my life. The girls had multiple songs and dances prepared for us, and they even let us up on the stage to dance with them. Bella preached another meaningful sermon, which everyone enjoyed. When we were about to leave, we were all brought back onto the stage to introduce ourselves. This was another great experience because they cheered for everyone, especially JoJo.

Then, we went to the boy's high school, Ndovoini. I was part of the dance group which was awesome because all of the boys were patient and super encouraging. The energy and hospitality, not only in the schools but also in Kenya, are mind-boggling to me. The boys were super welcoming to all of us and nobody judged our dance skills while they taught us two of their dances. After that, we had chai with the team and toured around the whole campus. Once all of the girls left and headed back to Joska, all of us guys went and hung out with the students here. I’ve enjoyed everything about my stay here, both the people and their culture. - Jackson V.

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Tom Hatch - June 14th, 2024 at 11:12pm

Thanks for sharing your experience Jackson…it has been quite the journey ‼️