A Pastor's Perspective 10-03-2023

A Pastor’s Perspective...
Communication makes a difference. That things are communicated in the right way and at the right time both creates health in the organization and indicates the health of an organization. Communication shapes how people view an organization, even if those people are not a part of the organization. Our church has an excellent reputation in our community, and our attitudes and actions throughout the week as individual members of this church build our reputation in Fayetteville, but what if we intentionally guided and shaped that reputation? This is why our Personnel Committee recommended the creation of a staff position to Direct our Communication—especially directing how we are viewed in our community. And the deacons agreed with the creation of such a position.
Today, I am excited to share that our Personnel Committee and Director of Communications sub-committee have completed their search for our first-ever Director of Communications. We have offered the job, and Kate Pearson has accepted it. Kate is currently serving the church as the Family & Discipleship Ministry Assistant. She will not begin her work directing the communications of Snyder until her current role in Family Ministry is filled.
As the Family & Discipleship Ministry Assistant, Kate has assisted our children and
 youth programs with meeting announcements, planning, graphic design and other administrative tasks. She also helps others on staff with specific design or technical needs. She came to us from Little Miracles Imaging, where she was the director of sales and marketing. Kate managed social media accounts and local advertising outlets for the business. Her other experience includes time as a nonprofit consultant for Joya Scholars, where she developed a 10-point strategic plan. Most impressively, she spent four years in Thailand as a missionary teaching English as well as working and supporting educational and refugee efforts in that country.
Her educational credentials include a Bachelor of Science in English Education from the University of Wisconsin and a Master of Management from Biola University.
Kate comes to us as a quick learner with a proven “get-it-done” leadership approach. She will be an excellent addition to our staff with her experience in ministry, communication and management. Congratulate Kate the next time you see her! Pray for Kate also; the job she has accepted is herculean. She will be making a difference in our church and, more importantly, our community.
Looking forward, Blake




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