A Pastor's Perspective 11-14-2023

Positive feedback is always appreciated, and the encouragement around our current series, Peace -n- Pressure, has been most appreciated. Thank you for each kind and affirming word. My prayer, as always, is that our messages will be engaging and helpful. Having them rooted in scripture is a requirement. However, the subject matter we are dealing with in this series is expansive, and I found myself walking to my car the last two Sunday afternoons, wondering if I had left certain things unsaid that should have been said.
   Even though no one has asked about these things, I am compelled to mention a few for clarity’s sake.
   First, if you have been here the last two Sundays, you have heard me say that we are under much pressure as human beings, and our current society has pressures unique to our times. This pressure is inviting us to things like worry, depression and anger. However, it is not wrong to be concerned because of uncertainty; to experience disappointment at a loss is understandable; and to be angry about injustice is noble. What we do at the pivot point of the invitation defines who we become. Concern can lead to prayer and godly action instead of worry; disappointment can lead to godly sorrow and healing instead of long-term depression; and there is a big difference between being angry and becoming an angry person.
   Secondly, in this series, we are dealing with non-clinical or non-chemical issues in the first three messages. The fourth part of the series will deal with what we do when encountering anxiety or depression, that is, a clinical or chemical issue.
   Lastly, several of the themes in this series will be recalled in our upcoming December series called “Burning Bright”  - especially themes like hope and peace.
   It is a privilege to share God’s word each week here, and I am thankful you care so deeply about Him and His word. Let’s keep praying for one another. We all fight the battles of uncertainty, loss and injustice at points throughout our lives. May we fight them well for the glory of God and the lifting up of Jesus’ name.
Looking forward,