A Pastor's Perspective 05-21-2024

   Summer brought so much freedom to me as a kid. I loved Tarzan movies and dressed like him as best as a kid could in the mean streets of Dothan, Alabama. This meant I wore a pair of cutoff jean shorts. Yep, that was it. I was running wild bare-chested and barefoot(ed) in the neighborhood, happy and free. Swinging on the jungle gyms and most anything else I could dangle from. There were not a lot of chimpanzees where we lived, but there were squirrels. Once, I grabbed one off a tree thinking he could be sort of south Alabama version of Tarzan’s treetop animal friend. That did not work out quite like I thought, which is another story for another day.
   So, summer is upon us! And it beckons us with its promise of trips to camp, leisurely days at the beach and serene moments in the mountains or by the lake. These memories, etched in my mind, still play sweetly for me. I'm sure many of you have your own cherished summer experiences. As you embark on creating more memories this summer, I urge you to stay connected. The most important connection is with God, of course, but also with each other here at Snyder. So, as you plan your summer escapes, keep these connectors in mind.

  1. Keep prioritizing your time in prayer and scripture.
  2. Choose a scripture to remember and meditate on through the summer.
  3. Be in worship at a Bible-believing church each Sunday, wherever you are away on vacation.
  4. Stay connected to your church by reading The Bell and watching the Snyder service online. Even if you attend worship service elsewhere while on vacation, go back and attend your church "virtually". Your presence, even if virtual, is a testament to our shared commitment to Jesus.
  5. Pray specifically for individuals you know in our church and pray for Snyder in                 general.

   If you are a member of Snyder, this means that Snyder is the piece and portion of the Body of Christ you are most closely connected to and publicly identify with. We, who are members of this church, are partners in the Good News. As such, we are responsible for this church and represent this church wherever we go. The most beautiful thing about our church is Christ in you (Colossians 1:27). We must always stay connected to Christ, especially when work or vacations take us away from one another. So keep your connection throughout this summer, and have fun!  

Looking forward,