A Pastor's Perspective 04-09-2024

Shine! That is the theme of Sunday School this month for our preschoolers. We are focused on Matthew 5:16, “Let your light shine.” We’re talking about Jesus—the light of the world—and when we do what Jesus says, we shine. We shine the light of Jesus!
As we learned on Sunday morning, we are moving into a generosity initiative. Snyder has been blessed with a great facility that allows us to do amazing ministry. But the time has come where we need to take care of a few things so that we can invite the future into the current ministry and mission work, and help it grow so Snyder can continue to shine in our community and around the world.
SnyderKids has been creating something special for you to remind us to be in prayer for the future. We have made key chains (they are SO COOL) for each person in our church and this Sunday you’ll have the opportunity to get one.
The hope is when you look at these small pieces of art, you’ll think about the future of Snyder. Think about what kind of legacy you would like to leave for the next generation and how you can commit to do that. We want to encourage you to pray for the SnyderKids and Snyder Student ministries because they are the future that we are inviting and preparing for.  
We are also introducing “Generations mail”! If we’re honest, it’s hard to connect with those of a different generation. But what better way to share the past with the future than through good ol’ snail mail?!
This Sunday, in your Sunday School class, you’ll have the opportunity to get a letter from one of our SnyderKids or Snyder Students. These letters share what our future likes about their church as well as a few hopes and dreams they have for Snyder. We invite you to take a card home, pray for the child or student and for the campaign, and write back.
Our hope is that you will have the opportunity to pray for and connect with a Snyder Kid or Snyder Student you may not know. Share your hopes and dreams with each other as we embark on this Generations campaign. Shine with each other!
The presence of light in darkness is something that is unmistakable and we are the “Church on the Hill” that is poised to shine. “Let your light shine!”