Infectious Joy by Wills Noon

Infectious Joy

Wills Noon

Today started earlier than the previous two days, and we woke up to a power outage. However, our spirits were quickly lifted by a delicious breakfast prepared by our chef, Ferdinand.

After breakfast, we headed to Bondeni School for our first day of Vacation Bible School (VBS). Our bus driver once again impressed us with his skillful navigation through the Slums. Upon our arrival, we were welcomed by the children with singing and dancing. The energy was infectious as we joined them in their joyful celebrations, dancing and laughing for a good ten minutes. It was a heartwarming start to what would be a memorable day.

Following our spirited greeting and an introductory meeting with the wonderful Bondeni staff, we divided into our respective VBS groups. I was assigned to the Games group, where we organized four 30-minute sessions with different groups of third and fourth graders, interspersed with a tea break. The children's enthusiasm and charisma were contagious. They eagerly shared their songs and dance moves, and their hugs and smiles were abundant. Our time was filled with a variety of relay races and games. It was hard to tell who enjoyed the activities more, the children or us.

After the day's VBS sessions concluded, we had lunch, accompanied by more tea, of course. We then had the incredible opportunity to meet our sponsor children. My family sponsors a 9-year-old boy named Clinton. Aspiring to become a pilot, Clinton was as sweet and curious as could be. We exchanged questions and stories about our respective cultures and families, forming a connection. We are looking forward to seeing him again on Wednesday during a field trip with all the children sponsored by Snyder.

Later in the afternoon, we visited the home of one of the sponsored students. This visit took us to a nearby house where a 6-year-old Bondeni student lived with her mother, grandmother, and their cat, John. Our social workers, who are themselves graduates of Missions of Hope International (MOHI), described this as a model home. Although small and situated in the slums, the house was clean and organized. The mother had embraced MOHI's programs on cleanliness, clearly striving to provide the best environment for her daughter. We spent time talking, listening to music, and praying together, creating a truly special moment of mutual learning and understanding.

Returning to the school, we shared more laughter and dancing with the children while waiting for our bus. The ride back to Corem Deo Gardens turned into an impromptu choir concert, filling the bus with songs and joy. Upon our return, we enjoyed tea and snacks before dinner. The evening concluded with a time of devotion, reflection, and worship led by Giles. We wrapped up the night with preparations for the upcoming VBS days and a few card games, ready to wake up and do it all over again tomorrow! - Wills Noon

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Tom Hatch - June 10th, 2024 at 11:31pm

Wills you really described our day with great clarity. Even though I am hear with you reading your blog the next day caused emotions to flow again.