A Pastor's Perspective 03-26-2024

The excitement builds each week when we move more from Monday to Sunday. As each day passes, the preparations become complete as musicians practice, volunteers prepare and the message is polished. This is true of each Sunday at Snyder. It will be especially true this Sunday, Easter Sunday.
   Easter Sunday is the most attended church service of the year. It is like a family reunion that everyone attends and brings their friends. You have been inviting your family, coworkers and neighbors. I love it when you text me or tell me who is coming with you. Those are among my favorite texts each week. When I get that text, I know you get why we do what we do. Keep inviting each week. It is why we are here.
   We have a mighty team of volunteers serving on Easter Sunday to help make it a great day. Karen and her Snyder Kids team will have a fun Easter experience for our kids. Our Snyder Students volunteers are ready to welcome and serve our students and the Welcome Team is preparing to ensure everyone who steps onto our campus has an excellent experience. Thank you to our teams and volunteers for helping make Easter at Snyder a success! We have a team of volunteers who will serve on the Parking Team for Easter and help make parking on Easter Sunday as smooth as possible.
Three things remain for us in our preparation for this Easter Sunday:
1.    Continue to invite; you will likely be around someone this week simply waiting for an invitation from you. Did you know most of your friends will say yes when you invite them to your church? I remember a person in a former church saying, "I always wanted to go to church, but I never got invited until someone from your church asked me." It is most likely that there is someone like that placed in your life this week, a person simply waiting on you to say, "Why don't you join me at church this Sunday?"
2.    Park away from the building if your legs allow and leave those parking spaces closer to the building for those you and others have invited who may be less familiar with our campus layout. We want to make as much room for our guests as possible. We want to make them feel welcome, seen and loved as they come onto our campus.
3.    Pray each day leading up to Sunday for the Spirit of Jesus to work in each heart who steps on our campus this Sunday, each person, from our core volunteers to the first-time guest.
   You are the light (Matthew 5). May we shine this Sunday and every Sunday!
Looking forward,