A Pastor's Perspective 10-31-2023

   A Pastor’s Perspective…
   It was not that long ago that MarkO was here and talked about teenagers. He discussed the importance of singing and praying on brain development and challenged the church to see and embrace teens. We should take the time to notice Eutychus and invite him out of the window (Acts 20:7-12). This idea is one of the elements that truly brought my family here. Snyder’s generosity toward its students has a long and established history. Snyder loves its teens well and embraces those who do the same. So, there are plenty of mixed emotions as Snyder has extended the invitation to move from Student Minister into the position of Connections and Discipleship Minister. My last day as Student Minister is November 19th. This move will close out a decade-long season of ministry. This transition would not be whole without first saying “thank you”.
   Thank you for the opportunity to shepherd the teenagers at Snyder. Thank you for the support from the 37+ student ministry leaders, who give of their time, energy and emotions. Thank you for the financial and prayer support, as Snyder has given both very generously toward their students. Finally, thank you for how that will continue. I know Snyder will stand with the interim and support the next student pastor, whoever God has planned for us.
   So, what’s next? We are excited to announce that Tom Hatch has agreed to be our Interim Student Minister! His first day is November 1st. Tom and Eileen have two adult children, Leighton and Sam, who live in Chicago and Atlanta respectively. Tom and Eileen have been members of Snyder since July 2018. He is currently serving on our Deacon Board. He and Eileen also teach an Adult Sunday School class and have been involved with our youth over the last five years. Tom retired from public education in June of 2022 with all 32 years of his experience in Cumberland County Schools. He served as principal of Anne Chesnutt Middle, Reid Ross Classical and Terry Sanford High School.
   What about the new Student Minister? Our student minister search committee is already actively searching! We are working, sifting, and praying through resumes, looking for the right person for this church. Please join us in praying and take time to pray for John Bigger (Head of the search committee), Carlye Pleasant, Chelsea Livingston, Jason McAmis, Tony Jones, Blake Benge and Jon Nahlen.
   As I look ahead I’m excited to see Tom take leadership of our student ministry and see who God brings to Snyder to continue the wonderful tradition of supporting, investing in and loving our teens.
God Bless,
Jon Nahlen