A Pastor's Perspective 02-20-2023

Sunday was powerful as we remembered and celebrated the thing that makes us truly “Stronger Together” - God’s love displayed through the sacrifice of Jesus. So what now? The second half of "What Is Love?" will conclude our series "Stronger Together”. The focus will be on this God-size love and how it impacts how we date.
   "What is Love? Part 2" is for anyone who is dating and anyone who has someone in their life who is dating or might be dating in the future. Married people, I believe there will be something in this message for you. For single people with or without the desire to date, there will be something here for you as well.
   I am told that Dr. Jim Cammack, the pastor who led our church the longest, as well as through our most significant time of numerical growth, would each February preach a message or series of messages on "Love and Courtship” for the teens in the church. One of those teens who looked forward to hearing these messages each year was on the team that recruited Beverly and me to join the team here at Snyder. Her name is Sue Byrd. She had mentioned these sermons once before to me, but last Wednesday, as Sue reviewed much of the message I will offer this coming Sunday,  she once again recalled these messages. Wayne, her husband, jokingly, says he remembers them because Sue made him come to hear them. I wonder if that is part of the reason I still see a spark in both of their eyes, especially as they kid with and care for one another.
   Today, Sue and Wayne have two children, six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Their legacy of love stretches well beyond them now, even beyond their family. I would not dare to say I could preach a sermon to match one of Dr. Cammack's; I would only hurt myself if I tried. But, I do think that a custom of speaking on Love and Courtship once a year would be wise.
   For this Sunday, with the help of God and the grace of this congregation, the intent is to give guidance to those dating, encouragement to people who care about those who are dating, and challenge those who are married. Such an aim achieved will make us all “Stronger Together”.  
Looking Foward,