Know therefore that the lord your God is God, the faithful God who keeps his Covenant and steadfast love with those who love Him and keep His commandments, to a thousand generations
Deuteronomy 7:9

Commitment Sunday

Sunday, May 12 |  8:40 & 11am Services

Commitment Sunday is May 12, 2024. We will have our normal worship schedule. However, each service will be special as we will have an opportunity to bring our commitments to signify our support and commitment to the generations initiative.

What does your commitment involve?
Each of us is being given the opportunity to make a prayerfully considered three-year commitment of giving that is over and above what we currently give in our regular giving. This commitment can be given in the way which best matches your family's giving plan. It can be given all at once, annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or any other combination that best matches your family's situation. 

Let us do for the next generation what the last generation has done for us.

What is the
Generations Initiative?

Through the Generations initiative we will restore our current buildings and grounds to honor our heritage and support our potential. 

Why Are we Doing it?

Snyder is well-loved and well-used by many each week. Throughout the years, we have done minimal maintenance to help extend its life. We are now at the end of that extension. 

Why Now?

The time to act is now as we are seeing new momentum in worship attendance and increasing membership. Although delayed by the pandemic,  the Strategic Planning Committee eagerly acknowledges that the time is now for us to organize our efforts and build upon our Foundation of excellence and growing momentum. 

A Note from Blake

Our church has always existed as a multigenerational church facing forward, honoring our heritage and inviting the future Seventy-five years ago, this August, two hundred people worshiped God in the school building we know as Alma Easom Elementary School. When you see a picture from that day, you see generations. That was 75 years ago when our church was planted. Close to fifty years ago, our church first presented Fayetteville with a Singing Christmas Tree, and again, when we come to that unique worship service, year after year, we see generation upon generation. Twenty-five years ago, this June, our church began a modern worship experience again, facing forward to the next generation. Now we come to another 25-year mark in our history. It is our time to honor our heritage and invite the future! It is our time to invite the next generation.

The first sermon preached in the first sanctuary of Snyder was entitled, “This Church and the World.” 
Over the seven and a half decades of our existence, the people of Snyder have sent people, teams, and millions of dollars around the world to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus – to fulfill Jesus’ Great Commission. Generation upon generation, this has been our heritage, passion, and future. Our address in Fayetteville is 701 Westmont Drive. This is the geographical location from which we fulfill the Great Commission. Our campus at this address has grown, been well-used, and well-loved. Pushed by a stewardship to do more and more around the world, we have extended
the life of each corner in these beautiful buildings and grounds.

We have been given a trust called Snyder, handed down to us from 1949 out of an elementary school around the corner. We have been given a commission called Great, handed down to us from the first century out of the mouth of Jesus. May we do for the next generation what the
last generation (and those before them) did for us.


What is the anticipated start date for the project?
The project will be completed in stages starting in early fall 2024.
How long will it take to complete the project?
At this time, there is no firm timeline available. The anticipated completion time frame is eighteen to twenty-four months.
Will there be any Long Term Debt?
There is no intent to have any long term debt. Short term debt will be incurred only in the amount for which we have pledges.
Do we have an architect? Do we have a contractor?
The architect is DTW Architects and Planners. At this time no contractor has been selected.
If we did not do this campaign, how would it impact our church and God’s kingdom here in Fayetteville?
The church will continue to be healthy. We have a congregation endowed with the Sweet Sweet Spirit for Jesus and a desire for others to know Jesus. However, eventually, the building will impede the church’s health, and therefore, its growth will be diminished. Currently, its condition does not match our passion for the Great Commission, this world,
and the generations living in our community.

With each generation, there comes a point of challenge that is more about what is next than what is now. It is more about the next generation, who they will be, and what they will
have. We have arrived at that point of challenge.
Other than giving financially to the generosity initiative, what is the goal for each of us?
More important than the financial goal is the opportunity to grow a culture of generosity. Such a culture comes from a confident, trusting relationship with God that is always being
developed as people discover God and develop faith in God which moves them to display Christlike love in their attitudes and actions.