A Pastor's Perspective

When sharing the truth that is God’s Word, the one communicating should be as clear as the Word and as kind as The One who inspired it. Kindness is not the value it once was in our culture, but it is still a virtue of those closely connected to God. It is the kindness of God that causes turnarounds in people’s lives, not our judgement of them. (Romans 2:3-5)
This coming Sunday, as much as ever, I am praying that the message will be as clear as God’s Word and as kind as The One who authored it. We will consider the tenth Bedrock belief of our church:
We believe that marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman.
Allow me to expand and shape that statement a little:
We believe marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman
made intentionally before God and submitted to God.
I love weddings. The nervousness of the groom, the excitement and beauty of a bride, the joy and anticipation of friends and family, the realization of parents’ long prayed prayers, and the party afterward. Never miss that Jesus’ first recorded miracle was at a wedding reception.
I do not at all appreciate the wedding industry that commercializes the sacred - that is unfortunate. However, I am so very passionate about how that moment of worship where a covenant is made, and a family created. It is designed to remind us of Jesus’s relationship with us; He the groom and we the bride.
Marriage was once known as holy matrimony. An institution created by God to make two people more holy; more like Jesus. Healthy families born out of holy matrimony move the Good News forward to the next generation more effectively and thoroughly than any other institution created by God. No church service, Bible study or mission trip will ever have the power to transfer the Good News of Jesus to the next generation like holy matrimony and the families it births.
Therefore, nothing is a more significant threat to the enemy than marriage as God designed it and Jesus understood it. It is the biggest threat to the devil and thus the target that most concerns him. From Adam and Eve to this day he has been hell-bent on its destruction. Inside marriage is a physiological, psychological, and spiritual glue we call sex. This bonding agent created by God meant to bind and protect the bride and groom has long been the target of the enemy.
This Sunday, we will speak kindly and candidly about marriage as created by God. In being sensitive to our parents with children in fifth grade and under we have created a worship experience for them call “Pop Up” which is marking the start of the school year. Your children are welcome in the service, however we wanted to both give parents an option, as well as create something marking the new school year for our children.
In light of this previous Sunday’s message on the Bedrock of the Priesthood, I ask for your prayers. My heart desires to be as clear as God’s word and as kind as He who wrote it.
Looking forward,