A Pastor's Perspective 10-17-2023

   I had a wonderful sabbatical that started after our group trip to Kenya.  I went to the coast to visit where a new school is being started to see if the school should become a new partner for us.  MoHI felt we had done so much to help Bondeni School, that it was time to add a new school to the partnership.  I got to go to church there and met many of the families.  The school is called Chumani and they actually started the school already, because after a VBS the children kept showing up each day.  They have a church building that they will use until the school can be built.  It was overwhelming to see so many children who had never been to school.  Be watching for more information about Chumani.  Blake will be going on a vision trip for Pastors to see the ministry of MoHI this week.  He will get to visit Bondeni School and go to the coast to see Chumani as well.
  My second week in Kenya was spent visiting with 4 different families who live in the Mathare Slum.  The Mathare Slum is 3 square miles with over 700,000 people living there, most living in a 6x8 ft. makeshift shack made of metal.  Most have day to day jobs, living on about $1 a day.  They have public bathrooms they have to walk to and have to pay to use.  I got to cook, wash dishes, wash and fold clothes and help clean their house while spending time with the families, mostly the mothers.   It was an incredible experience that I am so thankful for.  
  I have been burdened by the way we use the word "blessed", since most of the time, we mean being blessed with all the material things we have.  So, what does it mean to be blessed by God, when you do not have the material things we have?   Well, that's what I wanted to learn by spending time with these people who have amazing faith in God.  
  So, while Blake is experiencing our mission partner in Kenya, I will be preaching this Sunday about what I learned in Kenya.  I hope you'll join us Sunday as I get to share about my amazing experience.  It reinforces for me why it is so important for our teenagers to see life in the Mathare Slum.  It changes their lives.  It has changed my life and I hope each of you will at some point go and experience a mission trip in Kenya as well.  And also, it's a good time to sponsor a child in one of our partnership countries.  You will have the opportunity to do this on November 5.  Sponsor a child and then go on a mission trip to meet that child.  It is life changing...they so want to know about you as well!  
Serving Together, Susie