Our Staff

Meet the team


Blake Benge

Senior Pastor

Giles Blankenship

Minister of Worship

Richard Suggs

Minister of Music

Susie Reeder

Minister of Missions

Jon Nahlen

Minister of Discipleship & Connections

Karen McAmis

Children & Family Ministries Director

Tom Hatch

Interim Minister of Students

Geron Gambill

Church Administrator


Sara Barefoot

Worship Ministry Assistant

Tammy Googins

Financial Ministry Assistant

Jen Rabon

Executive Assistant

Lyn Rice

Facilities Ministry Assistant

Zaidybelle Sanchez

Family & Discipleship Ministry Assistant

Renee Speller

Office Ministry Assistant


Andy Dauphinais

Worship Technology Director

Donna Davenport

Snyder Music Academy Director

April Hecker

Snyder Learning Center Director

Karen Ingram

Media Center Director

Jelisa Montalvo

Food Services Director

Kate Pearson

Communications Director

Linwood Smith

Facility Operations Director


Craig Banks

Facilities & Maintenance

Leander Fort

Food Service

Luis Hernandez

Head Custodian

Janice Smith

Food Service