A Pastor's Perspective 12-19-2023

   A Pastor’s Perspective…
Never have I worked with someone who has a higher emotional quotient than Bruce Herrmann. His genuine care for others and absolute Christlikeness make him perfectly suited for the position of Associate Pastor. Then there is Becky! Whenever she would come to the office during the week I would almost dart from my desk to see her. She brings so much light into a room. Somehow, even when we first met, her presence made me feel like I was around an old friend with whom I could be myself. I bet that has been anyone’s experience who has talked with Becky beyond a brief hello. So it is understandable why my heart was warmed to see so many of us turn up in the rain on Sunday to shake their hands and hug their necks saying "good-bye for now", or "see you later”.
Sunday, December 31, will be Bruce's last day on the Pastoral Staff. I am excited for the Herrmanns, and I am excited about what 2024 holds for us as a church family, but I am not excited about being without an Associate Pastor. Therefore, we have formed a group to recruit our next Associate Pastor. This group will be led by Bob Ervin and includes Lisa Orr, Jennifer Guthrie, Sara Barefoot, Dan Abe, Jim Benner, Ann Hodges and Jeremy Martin.
In the interim, we must continue to be the church that cares. That care is best extended and experienced in our small group bible studies like Sunday School and Lifegroups. In this interim Susie Reeder will oversee our care ministry. So, as you extend care to those in your groups, please make the Church Office aware when appropriate. We are a family, and when appropriate, we want all of us to be fully aware of our family's needs.
Lastly, please ask God to provide our Associate Pastor search group with clear direction to the next person to fill this position. As you pray, also be praying for the Student Minister search group. They have been working hard for several months praying, searching and interviewing to find our next Student Minister.  
2024 holds promise for Snyder. Even now, our Strategic Planning Committee is meeting with individuals throughout our church in preparation for a church wide dinner on Friday, February 2. The centerpiece of this dinner is the  unveiling of a master plan for our campus. I hope you are marking your calendar to be there. 2023 has been a good year, and the one on the horizon dawns with great excitement.
Looking Forward,