A Pastor's Perspective 01-09-2024

 A new year does not necessarily mean new things, but for Snyder it does and we are grateful to God for all He is doing in and through us. We resumed our usual Sunday morning and night routines with new energy and fresh faces. We are looking forward to Wednesday night functions starting back this week as well. Yet, as we face forward we should pause and celebrate all that God has already done in the weeks leading up to the week ahead.
We had a beautiful first Sunday of worship where we began to look at who we are BECOMING in 2024. As you engage with the “homework”, I’m praying that the Lord meets you with clear and fresh vision for the new year and all He wants to do in and through you.
The Lord has also been working and moving on our staff team. We are excited to have the right people in the right places at the right time. Let me highlight three areas I am excited about: Families, Communications and Connections.  
Families - We are so excited to welcome Zaidybelle Sanchez as the new Assistant to Youth and Family Ministries. She will work with our youth and children’s teams to support them in their mission. Zaidybelle brings a joyful spirit to our staff team and we are glad to have her on board.
Communications - Having Zaidebelle in place means that Kate Pearson can now move from the Assistant to Youth and Family Ministries role into her role as our Communications Director. Kate is going to help us tell Snyder’s story and purpose in a consistent way across all mediums of media. Kate will also begin to work with our publications, website and social media to make sure we engage people who don’t yet attend Snyder.
Connections - We are excited and passionate about the role of Connections at Snyder in 2024! The Connections Team will help us see and serve every guest that comes onto our campus and connect them to all that God is doing here. To help make this happen, we are repositioning our Associate Director of Children and Family Ministries, Jen Rabon, into the role of Executive Assistant to the Pastor. Her duties will include the administration of deacons’ meetings, processing new members and keeping the senior pastor (me) organized, but chief among her duties will be collaborating with Jon Nahlen in leading the Connections Team at Snyder. Jon and Jen will work together in forming the vision and organization of the Connections Team. As indicated by her title she will also help execute the vision, processes and tasks of the Senior Pastor’s office.
2024 has begun with energy and forward momentum as we focus on leading people Discover God, Develop faith and Display Christlike love in attitudes and actions. Please be praying, be present and be inviting. We continue with the second part of our Habits series this Sunday. I will see you and your friends there.
Looking forward, Blake