A Pastor's Perspective 10-10-2023

   Albert Einstein said, "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough."
   The future does come quickly. It seems like it was just yesterday we were having listening sessions about the future of our church, and I had just presented a growth plan for our church based upon our purpose to Lead People to Discover God, Develop Faith and Display Christlike love in attitude and action. Then school started back and we became busy with other things. Now, we are gearing up for the Singing Christmas Tree. That is the way it is with the demands of today. They will have us take the short-sighted look instead of the long view.
   Lest we lose the long view let me provide an update on what is happening in the wake of that sermon and those listening sessions. All of the information obtained from the sessions was compiled and presented to our Strategic Steering Team along with key members from our Generosity Team. The bottom line from both the listening session minutes and the surveys of those in attendance is an overwhelming belief that our campus can be and should be improved to fulfill our purpose, enabling us to be here for future generations.
   Our consultant, Alan Wildes, stated that he has never in 20 plus years of consulting work seen such a strong shared belief that improvements need to be made and that the church is healthy enough to make those improvements. It is clear to Alan and it is clear to me that our church is passionate about doing for the next generation what the last generation did for us. I am profoundly impressed at the collective wisdom of our deacons, committees, membership and staff.
   So now what? In the coming months our Strategic Steering Team will hand off the project to our Generosity Team headed by Brad Hurley. The project's scope and cost must be determined to make that handoff successful. Over the coming weeks, there will be meetings with our architect, various staff members and responsible committees, all driving toward concept pictures, preliminary plans and project price. The goal is to have all this for presentation to our membership by the start of the new year.
   Please continue to pray for your church. We have a bright future. We need to steward that future by ensuring, as best we can, that we have a campus that serves the generations following us. And as we pray may we remember that our times are in His hands (Psalms 31:15) and remain sensitive to His leading and the collective wisdom He grants us.
Looking forward, Blake




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