A Pastor's Perspective 05-14-2024

  We celebrate when someone decides to follow Jesus. It is the most important decision anyone can make! This past Sunday, at the end of the second service, two new followers of Jesus came forward to say, “I want to be baptized.” One whose family moved here when she was a newborn, and the other whose great-great-great-grandmother was Mrs. Snyder, the namesake for our church. Last week in the at the end of the early service a young man came forward to say he wanted to follow Jesus in baptism. While he had grown up in Fayetteville, he did not grow up attending church consistently. Last spring he started attending Snyder with his wife, last summer he prayed to receive Christ in one of our services.  
  Do not miss what was communicated in the paragraph above: Three people in the last two Sundays have publicly said they are followers of Jesus, and desire to be baptized! We must celebrate this! There are churches who go years and years seeing no one come to an understanding of the Good News (Gospel) and seeing no one identify with Jesus through believers baptism. God has favored us in these last two Sundays. May we honor Him in the days to come.  
  These new followers of Jesus are a testament to the wide reach and rich heritage of our church. We are a church that warmly welcomes anyone seeking to understand the Good News of Jesus, whether they are a family new to Fayetteville or a long-standing member of our community. We are a church where generation upon generation can find a spiritual home, raise families and experience the joy of following Jesus. By the grace of God, we are a church where new parents can stand before their church family and dedicate themselves and their child to God, as we saw on Sunday when 14 parents dedicated themselves and their 7 children to this journey.  
  Having so much to celebrate; yesterday during our worship services, an estimated 450 people submitted pledges to our Generation initiative. Over the next four weeks, others will join us in this sacrificial commitment. On June 9, having allowed all our members to join this commitment, we will celebrate the total number. When we celebrate our collective sacrificial generosity we will stay focused on Jesus. It is only by His grace and sacrifice that we get to be generous towards His Good News and the next generation.
May His favor be upon us.
Looking Forward,