A Pastor's Perspective 05-28-2024

   A good conversation has the power to transform us. Sharing stories, ideas, laughter, and new ideas enlivens us and strengthens us in multiple ways. It exercises the mind, creates connections, and grows us intellectually. Most importantly, a good conversation can grow us spiritually, inspiring us to make a difference.
  Often, I do not even have to be in the conversation to engage intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually. Many of the podcasts I enjoy are recorded conversations ranging from history to theology to leadership. While working in Atlanta, before podcasts became a thing, our lead pastor asked to interview a staff member as part of a staff meeting once a month. Doing so allowed everyone to listen in on a conversation and discover new things about individuals they worked with daily. They had no idea about things beyond the facts to feelings, struggles, successes, and most importantly, how God had worked in their lives and brought them to work in our church. Sure, it allowed us to laugh together and understand each other better; there were even moments of tears as we saw how God was working redemption in and through us. As a hard-driving team behind a rapidly growing organization, it bolstered our shared sense of purpose.
   This Sunday, we aim to have such a conversation with Wallace and Mary Kamau. For almost 16 years, Snyder has partnered with their organization Mission of Hope International. Since I was eighteen, I have had the privilege to engage in various works around the globe, from speaking at a youth conference in Finland to recently doing relief work behind the lines in Ukraine. When I visited the Kamau's work in Kenya, I discovered one of the most impressive organizations I have been exposed to, foreign or domestic.
    Have you ever thought about the impact of your life? Have you desired to make a difference in this world? In Wallace and Mary, you will find both the inspiration and example to live a life that matters. You will want to attend our conversation with Wallace and Mary. Come expecting to receive something helpful from God as we see what it means to be blessed in order to be a blessing.

Looking forward,