Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday Bible Study is not only an opportunity to study the Bible together, but it is an entry point for meeting new friends and interacting with a smaller group of people. Sunday Bible Study provides fellowship opportunities, a caring network for those in the group and a framework for ministry opportunities. Our Sunday Morning Bible Study classes meet from 9:45am to 10:45am.  

Snyder Kids & Snyder Students

Bible Study is age-graded, particularly through Grade 12. Bed Babies, Creepers, Explorers and Toddlers are promoted developmentally so they may be moved up any time during the year if the Preschool Coordinator feels they are ready for the next class. For everyone else Promotion Day is generally the last Sunday in August. In accord with the fact that children enter school based on the age they are on August 31, Preschoolers 2-K are assigned to classes based on the age they are on August 31. Grades 1-12 go by school grade.


Adults are age-graded but we do not adhere to strict guidelines. Age groups given for classes are guidelines to help you have an idea of the folks who are in the group and who will be at the same stage in life and have similar likes and needs. Most classes are coed. Age-graded classes generally use the Connections and Formations Lesson Series from Smyth and Helwys.