Snyder Memorial Baptist Church established the SMBC Foundation in 1983 to establish endowment funds to benefit various local, national and international missions, ministry and benevolent causes.

SMBCF funds are invested through the North Carolina Baptist Foundation, Inc. A nine-person board of trustees composed of Snyder members oversees the funds and meets throughout the year to review the funds, accept applications for grants or scholarships, and to decide how proceeds will be distributed.

Following, are the categories of funds with a brief description of each. Questions or applications may be directed to Broadhurst, 2021 Board Chair of the SMBC Foundation Board, or Geron Gambill, Church Administrator.

Missions and Benevolence

Rossie Barnhill Trust (1994) – for home and foreign missions and the Baptist Children’s Home of NC
J.D. and Mae Murray Bruton Missions Fund (2007) – benefits Fayetteville OIAM, Inc.
T.E.& Daphine Koontz Fund (1996)- supports various global mission projects.
Donald Hyman Fund (1986)- supports Baptist Children’s Home of NC.
Dalton Fund (1985) – for training/support of lay persons for lay ministry.
G.W. Bell Fund (1986) – for benevolent causes
Poole Missions Fund (1990) – supports the annual Lottie Moon Mission Offering and Global Missions.
Edmonds Cancer Fund (1986)- in memory of Gerald Edmonds, assists persons with the expenses associated with cancer treatment.
Floyd Gharet Benevolent Fund (1985) – for benevolent and/or mission causes
Willis Family Fund (1984) supports the Bessie G. Snyder Fund, the church’s general fund, and places flowers on the graves of Willis family members in perpetuity.
Snyder Mission Fund (1983/2015) – originally part of the “undesignated” fund, proceeds may be used for various missions projects
Snyder Capital/Maintenance Fund (1983/2015) – originally part of the “undesignated” fund, the intent is to grow this fund to $1,000,000 so in the future, proceeds may be used capital or maintenance expenses in excess of the budget. One-half of all undesignated memorials or bequests go to this fund

Education Projects 

C. P. & Mildred Poole Education Fund (1990) for projects that enhance education.
R.T. & Martha Smith Children’s Fund (1992) supports preschool ministry projects.


Carolyn Riddle Armstrong & Family Scholarship Fund (2013) provides scholarships to college and graduate school students
Clara Crocker Scholarship Fund (2012) provides scholarships for college students of single parents
Edna W. and Wilbur T. Edwards Scholarship Fund (1998) awards scholarships to Campbell Divinity School
Bob & Sylvia Haynes Music Scholarship Fund (1998) for college students majoring in music, especially church music.
The Catherine Lord Fund (1994) awards scholarships to students pursuing a degree in religious education.
Steven & Lee Horne Scholarship Fund (2017) assists Snyder students in attending either a two or four year college or university”
John J. Cook Scholarship Fund (2019) awards two $1000.00 scholarships annually to students in a 4-year college or university
Owen and Billie Widman Scholarship Fund (2020) for students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree
Wayne & Jean Ham Scholarship Fund (2021) to assist college students preparing for ministry.
Connor & Cameron Maxwell Scholarship Fund (2021) to assist youth who would otherwise be unable to participate in youth camps, choir tours or other activities.
Sue Hubbard School Age Scholarship Fund (2021) to assist school age children and their families in the Snyder Learning Center  in times of financial need.
Steve & Carlene Kamradt Scholarship Fund (2021) scholarships for Music Academy Students
Murray & Nancy Duggins Scholarship Fund (2023) for students attending a Christian College or University that holds to  traditional Christian values

Endowed Orchestra Chairs 

The Orchestra Chair program began in 2004. Since that time more than 30 partially or fully endowed chairs have been established which enable the orchestra to excel and play at a proficiency level rarely found in a local church. For more information about these funds, contact the music and worship office.

Nancy Hollings Clarinet Chair (2004)
Widman Violin One Chair (2005)
Grace Butler Keith Oboe Chair (2006)
Endowed Viola Chair (2006)
Marie Godwin French Horn Chair (2006)
William O. Harrell Flute Chair (2007)
Don and Katherine Beard Trombone Chair (2007)
Doris C. Lundy Violin Two Chair (2007)
Donald W. Lundy Trombone Two Chair (2007)
Sherrill and Ursula Baggett Cello Chair (2007)
Endowed Clarinet Two Chair (2008)
Aliene and A.C. Greene, Sr. String Bass Chair (2009)
C. Parker and Mildred Poole Concertmaster Chair (2010)
Weeks Parker, Jr. French Horn 2 Chair (2010)
Eric Kristeller Trumpet Two Chair (2011)
Bob & Sylvia Haynes Bass Trombone Chair (2012)
Mary Rose Bell Harp Chair (2013)
Mary Alice Johnson Viola Two Chair (2013)
Donnie Beard Percussion Chair (2014)
Martin Harris Violin 2 (2015)
Harold & Marian Kidd Violin 2 (2015)
Larry and Gail Dickens Viola Chair (2017)
Gilbert Taylor Principal Trumpet Chair ( 2017)
Stafford Currin Flute Chair (2017)
General Orchestra Endowment Fund (2018)
Pate & Ann Hodges Chimes (2021)
Brooks & Estell Allen Violin 2 (2021)
George & Carolyn Armstrong Bass (2021)
George & Carolyn Armstrong Violin 2 (2021)
George & Carolyn Armstrong Cello (2021)
George & Carolyn Armstrong Bassoon (2021)